Austin Carpenter

IT Professional & Musician

Book Review Database

A simple web application allowing users to create and manage listings for books and reviews, built with Laravel. With user authentication, regular users, curators and adminstrators can sign-in to the application and with different permissions, perform different tasks. Complete with address autocomplete on user registration (via Google's Places API), downloading of random book covers on seeding (via Open Library's Covers API), book cover upload for new book creation, and usage of Factories for automated generation of records for stress testing.

This web app was an assessment item for 2703ICT Web Application Development (Griffith University).

Simply StyledClient

A home staging business that required an online presence and promotional material. The website needed to clearly outline available services and packages on offer as well as rich photography of different styles of interior design.

Promotional material included updated business cards, a flyer, various checklists and a notepad. The sleek look and feel of the website, reflected by traditional serif fonts and a pastel colour palette, allows the media to speak for itself.


A decluttering and organizational service that required flyers, business cards and a website to to accompany their existing logo and to showcase their services, process and additional information. A fresh, modern and clean look was achieved by combining pastel colours with strong accent colours, a pleasing and versatile typeface, and charming vector illustrations.

Optic Artist

An iOS app which uses the True Depth camera to track the position and the angle of a user’s face, allowing them to draw handsfree on the screen. The app was designed to be a replacement for conventional drawing apps found on smart phones for people with limited motor function or physical impairment preventing them from being able to touch the screen with great dexterity. The user can 'touch down' on the screen to draw using their preference of three different tracking modes (raising of the eyebrows, smiling, puckering the lips) and select buttons by hovering the cursor over them for a short period.

This app formed part of an assessment item for 3723ICT Interaction Design (Griffith University).

Favourite Things

An iOS app to keep track of your favourite movies and actors. Add information to a movie such as its relesae date, rating, genre and assign a user rating out of five. Enter a filming location or a pair of coordinates and Favourite Things will display a map preview of the location which can be refined. Search for the correct poster image using The Movie Database API. Add information about an actor and a URL where a picture of them can be found, which Favourite Things will download. Finally, assign cast members (actors) to movies and give their character a title.

This app was an assessment item for 3701ICT Mobile Application Development (Griffith University).


An iOS app to keep track of your favourite musical scores and composers. Referencer can download scores in PDF format and display them from within the app. Add information about a score's key, tonality, publication date and period, and give it a rating out of five. Add birthdates and deathdades for composers as well as a URL where a picture of them can be found, which Referencer will download.

This app was an assessment item for 3701ICT Mobile Application Development (Griffith University).

Scale Learner

An iOS companion app to a BBC micro:bit (or similar microcontroller), used to teach music theory and specifically scales and integer notation, built using @phwallen's Micro:bit Swift Bluetooth LE API. The app communicates over BLE (Bluetooh Low Energy) with a microcontroller and listens for changes in voltage of the pins, interpretting unique combinations of four buttons as binary information from 0-15 (from \(0\) to \(n^2 - 1\), where \(n = 4\)) corresponding to a note range of C4 to E♭5. This note information is then broadcasted from the app as MIDI information (using Audio Kit), which other apps such as synthesizers and keyboards can use.

This app was an assessment item for 1701QCA Making Interaction (Griffith University).

100 Days of SwiftUI

This is a coding challenge created by programmer, writer and speaker Paul Hudson (@twostraws). Paul is the creator of Hacking with Swift, a well-known website where developers can learn Swift, the language that powers Apple's platforms, as well as how to create apps for those platforms. 100 Days of SwiftUI is the sucessor to 100 Days of Swift, which is a collection of videos, tutorials and tests for those wanting to learn iOS Development.

Both challenges have material to worth through each day and start with the same 15 day introduction to the Swift language. 100 Days of Swift teaches UIKit, whereas 100 Days of SwiftUI teaches Apple's newer declarative form of creating cross-platform user interfaces.

You can view my repository ataustincarpenter/100-days-of-swiftui.